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Thursday, March 24, 2011

~ they need US ~

we all (aku,mmejo,nana,nolie n family,dayatt,ddehe) spent our last wekend kt Insititut Pediatrik,HKL visiting our schoolmates’ son.

semuda usia 3bln ++,EUSOFF nmpk sgt tabah facing his health problems..
everythng started dgn hati(from d scanning we cud see dat there were weird dotsss pd hati dia),turut affected jantung n few other internal organs..

sepanjang few hours kt sana,der were times wen EUSOFF merengek2 sbb lapar n after d mother fed him sumtimes he still merengek sbb dia xfull enough.

d mother trpksa pujuk2 dia,belai2 dia ,dodoikn dia coz he cannot be fed too much (act bknla too much tp not as much as other babies in the same age)just 2 avoid him from vomitting.
according 2 d parents, he was born wit d weight of 3.7kg ; semangat kata org tua2…tp skg….
sedih?of we went der to cheer them up not 2 bt dorg lg sedih and at d same time we all xnk dorg rasa we all purposely nk remind dorg on how hard it is 4 them..

d mother ( a full time housewife) sumtimes looked puzzled wen she talked about her hope 2 see her son recovers from d disease.
and of course d parents tried very hard 2 keep their feelings only 2 themselves.
they laughed wit us,they joked wit us ..semangat dorg bt ktorg sedar yg Allah tu Maha Penyayang & Maha Mengetahui.Dia menguji hambaNya dgn dugaan yg berbeza2 n hanya Dia tahu ape hkmah disebalik smua ni.we were all impressed dgn ketabahn & kekuatan dorg.

sbg kawan , ktorg cuma mmpu mendoakan yg trbaik utk keluarga baru ni.semoga mereka terus tabah & semoga EUSOFF terus kuat melawan penyakitnya & membesar dgn sihat,jd anak yg baik n bijak.
kpd mimi n kimme,all of your friends are always wit u.we’ll always b here ,no matter wut.just come 2 us,pls dont hesitate.

originally posted on 8th November 2009
extracted from

by    ~ QA's mama ~

last 2 weeks we all went to my in law's (27th march 2011)...dorg berjiran dgn sahabat aku ni..eusoff's we had lunch together.

we were very happy 2 c that eusoff is now looks so much healthier n bigger..alhamdulillah..

syukur pd Tuhan wpn papa dia bgtau dia msih kena constantly goes 4 checkups tp dia mmg nmpk sgt sihat..
condition nya better wpn hati dia mengeras tp xmbgkak mcm dulu..
mslh jantung still remains but slightly better..:)

i'Allah..eusoff akan semakin sihat ye,sayang....we all smua slalu mendoakan eusoff,ye..aminnn...

kt bwh ni eusoff's latest pic..:)

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cikpia said...

hope everything turns out well..... amin~~~~