~:: JoM SaMa2 KiTa ::~

~Jom KLiK Cni ~

Thursday, May 31, 2012

~:: EeChAA's HomEmAdE IcE-CreAm ::~


how's life lately?harap2 happy je semua :)
i've been very busy kena curi masa skit nk update sum thing kt cni.. :)
insyaAllah..akan cuba blogwalk hri ni..and balas kunjungan & tinggalkan jejak kt kengkawan pnya blog,eh..insyaAllah..
by the way..dh tgk ke video above?
haaa..ape kena mengena ngan citer saya?? cut it short..ever since eechaa aka kakak dh expert sgt dh..kta org I-Pad literate,kehkehkeh!!!
so,kdang2 mcm2 video menarik yg caught her eyes.. 
antaranya yg nila..she can actually spend hours to keep watching the same video and few other videos yg seumpama dgnnya..
then of coursela she would bombard me dgn mcm2 requestkn..
jadi,utk tidak menghampakan..jenuh jgk mcm2 tempat dh we ollsss jejak hunting for this kind of thingkan..
saya pn excited jgk cari sbb it's sumthing diff from the common ones yg guna play-doh coz this one is actually edible :)
bestlakn..dh buat2 boleh try taste lg:)
sy sbnrnya mmg sgt suka klau anak2 buat hands-on things..byk manfaatnyakn :)
jadi,dh cari2 serata alam,akhirnya alhamdulillah jumpa kt Jaya Grocer . Damansara Perdana :) 

okayla..jom layankan videos eechaa's making her own ice cream..of coursela assisted by mama & anyah & QUE jugak,ahahahah!!!

okay u ollsss...till my fingers meet the keyboard again :)
take care :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~:: In-HouSE TraIninG ::~

 myself...setting-up the projector...

alhamdulillah...the in-house training that was conducted by me was successfully over :))
soo..the beautiful butterflies in my stomach have flown away HAPPILY...kehkehkeh!!!
i considered it successful sbab my colleagues seemed to be able to respond dengan 'bermakna' and i was also able to handle the inquiries...and they understood...kira okla tukn :)
 oppsss...yg duk kt back SEAT tu my friend's daughter ye..that's why she didn't face the board ...
 okay,ollsss...hari ni my parents will be arriving from k.lipis..cant wait,,:))
till we meet again..take care :))

Monday, May 28, 2012

~:: SugaR CooKies ::~

(this post is just a reminder, mainly for me, because i’ve been noticing a lot of emotional instability going around.)

sometimes things happened and we get overly stressed about it. and then, bad thoughts start creeping in, and we start comparing with all the others and asking all the why questions. so i did some reading and realized a couple of things that i want to share here:

Always be patient with every sadness and dejection. because for every beginning there will be an ending and so will that small broken feeling that we feel.

Always be grateful for all the goodness that we’re blessed with. but bear in mind to be thankful kepada Yang Maha Pengasih, takut-takut ia menjadi istidraj.

and perlu jugak kita ingatkan diri ...bersyukur dengan cara yg betul..ialah bersyukur pada Allah..yg komunikasinya hanya antra kita dengan Nya..bukannya menghebohkan pada dunia yg kita SEDANG BERSYUKUR...
tanyala pada diri..adakah kita berterima kasih pada Allah ataupun kita sedang berbangga2 pada dunia 

Allah berfirman: Setiap kali mereka menambah/ membuat maksiat yg baru maka setiap kali itu Aku menambah/ membuat nikmat ke atas mereka”. 

it’s true. not all that is given by God means that it’s a good thing. kadang-kadang Allah sembunyikan murka-Nya pada setiap kenikmatan yang diberi.

Maka tatkala mereka melupakan peringatan yang telah diberikan kepada mereka, kami pun membukakan semua pintu-pintu kesenangan untuk mereka; sehingga apabila mereka bergembira dengan apa yang telah diberikan kepada mereka, kami siksa mereka dengan sekonyong-konyong, Maka ketika itu mereka terdiam berputus asa. (al- an’am: 44)

that is why, just because some things don’t go as planned or it did not happen as how we hoped it would, bukan bermaksud Allah sudah benci… :) because the truth is, maybe that is His way of showing kasih-sayangNya. 
and vice versa.

rasullulah saw said: “when Allah swt intends to finish off a termite, He would give them wings to fly.”

p/s: i think the best remedy if you ever feel down and wish to stop yourself from dwelling on all those bad thoughts is by spending the whole day with beloved ones munching on sugar cookies and trying out the icky-looking princess cake only to realize that it’s actually extremely good. 

thanking adik aaifa..hope u don't mind,dear..i just love ur thought as much as i love our silaturrahim..

~:: The BEauTY of AllaH's CREatIOn : The SecRET GArdeN at RooFtOp 1 UtamA ::~

school holiday has officially started :D
sangat bz ngan mcm2 program ngan my 2 lil fairies...memandangkan mr papapapito's leave sangat limited...we ollsss continue je ngan meronda2 ke nearby places...yg penting mama still boleh spend quality time ngan mama's darlings :)

sangat banyak cerita yg dh dihumban ke draft box...takpelakn..pelan2 kita publish :)
one by onela,the first in the list was our visit to this magnificent garden..sgt dekat ngan rumah yet was a very remarkable one :)

jomla layankan gambor2 we ollss kt sna...mintak ampun pada u ollsss yg xlalu nk layan abundance of pics..couldnt help it..couldnt resist...sangat jatuh cinta ngan taman ni...xsampai hati ht nk abaikan mana2 gambar ...,ngehehehe!!! 

semua cantikkan??? i tell u..pada yg mmg in love with gardening...jmput2la ke regrets for surela :))

ok,till kita sambung lagi..take care ollsss...esok sy kena bangun awal...this week is the week for me to complete 2 week's tuition saya boleh balik kg dgn hati yg riang,ngehehehe!!
esok jgk sy kena settlekan semua slide shows utk in-house training that will be conducted by me on Tuesday morning..WISH ME LUCK :D