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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~ :: HiStoRicAL PlAcEs In MAlAccA ::~

(a )

   ( b )

( C )
( d )
( e )
( f )
( g )
hi,my dearest,these are the pictures of a few historical places in Malacca for your holiday homework..:)
as what i have explained in class on last may answer my questions through comments corner,ok:)
just give the names and when we meet again in class..i will explain to all of you about the history behind the scene..:)
alright..enjoy searching and guessing:)

your lovely pn IMI


Jemina Yong said...

Hi teacher!~

Tan Hui Zhi said...

a)Cape Rachado Lighthouse
b)Kota A'Famosa
c)Kapal Portugis di Bandar Melaka
d)Melaka Sultanate Palace
e)Sungai Melaka
f)Merdeka Obelix
g)Kota A'Famosa

Zoe T said...

a)Cape rachado/Tanjung Tuan b)Kota A Famosa c)"Flor de la Mar" sebuah kapal Portugis d)Istana Melaka e)Sungai Melaka f)Memorial Peristiharan Kemerdekaan g)Kota A Famosa

QA's ~ mamapapa said...


ok,for those who have answered my questions,WELL DONE!!for the time being..i'm not going to publish your comments because i dont want the rest of your friends to copy your answers..:)
once the dateline is over..all of your answers will be published:) TQ

Andrea(: said...

Teacher, I don't know what (a) and (d) is. And I think (g) is A'Famosa again.

(b) -A'Famosa
(c) -Muzium Maritime
(e) -Sungai Melaka
(f) -Melaka Sultanate palace

wendy kim said...

from wendy kim 5 curie
~ :: HiStoRicAL PlAcEs In MAlAccA ::~

(a )Menara Taming Sari

( b ) Kota A Famosa

( C )Flora-de -Lama

( d ) Sultan's Palace

( e )Sungai Melaka

( f )Proclamation-of-indep

( g ) Kota A Famosa

Anonymous said...

~ :: HiStoRicAL PlAcEs In MAlAccA ::~

(a )Menara Taming Sari

( b ) Kota A Famosa

( C )Flora-de -Lama

( d ) Sultan's Palace

( e )Sungai Melaka

( f )Proclamation-of-indep

( g ) Kota A Famosa

wendy said...

Hi i am wendy from 5mariecurie

calvintangc said...

Very nice photos and I hope this is the homework i guess. I like the A Famosa photo very historical.
Anyway all of them are historical.

Science said...

I love your photos - Soeraya -5 Curie

Anonymous said...

A Brief History

Malacca is world renown for her long history, historical sites, cultures and cuisine. Malacca is located on the Western Coast of Peninsular Malaysia facing The Straits of Malacca. Malacca was founded by Parameswara. The portuguese came to Malacca in 1511 and ruled the place till 1641.

Historical Places


B & G : A'Famosa Fort
After the portuguese captured Malacca, they built fortress to
defend themselves. The fortress called A'Famosa suffered severe
destruction during the Dutch invasion. What is left today is just
entrance walls, still well preserved till today. A'Famosa is one of
the oldest European Architecture present in Southeast Asia.

C. Maritime Museum Malacca

D. Malacca Sultanates Palace

E. The Malacca River


Adam Yee ( 5 Marie Curie)

zayn.muhriz said...

D)Sultan's Palace
E)Melaka River cruise
F)Melaka Proclamation

calvintangc said...

Calvin Tang
5 Marie Curie

A)Porta De Santiago
B)The Stadthuys
C)Gereja St.Paul
D)Queen Victoria's Fountian
E)St.John's Fort
F)Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall
G)Portuguese Square

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi teacher this is Sean Laws-5N

These are the answers

A) Tanjung Tuan/Cape Rachado Lighthouse

B) Porta De Santiago ( A'Famosa)

C) Maritime & Naval Museum

D) Melaka Sultanate Palace

E) Malacca River Cruise

F) Procalmation Of Independance Memorial

G) Porta De Santiago ( A'Famosa)

Anonymous said...

hi Pn Imi my answers are:-
a) Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse.
b) A Famosa
c) Maritime Museum
d) Istana Melaka
e) Sungai Melaka
f)Memorial Pengistiharaan Kemerdekaan
g) A Famosa

Thank you. Dharmendra of Jr 5N.

Anonymous said...

a)Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse
c)Maritime Museum
d)Malaka Sultanate Palace/Cultural Museum
e)Malaka River
f)Independance Memorial

Tara 5 florence nightingale

Anonymous said...

B)a famosa
C)flora de lama
D)rumah mingkabau
E)river cruise
F)independance memorial
G)a famosa

Anonymous said...

a)light house b)canon bomb palace c)pirate's ship d)malaka house e)a famosa f)the sultan's palace g)canon bom base


daniel said...

hi my name is daniel from 5 fn.
i like the A famosa picture.The A Famosa history started when the Portuguese conquer Melaka, Melaka defend themselves by building a fortress. The fortress, called A'Famosa suffered severe destruction during the Dutch invasion. Now A Famosa is just the entrance walls.

proraihan said...

su'p teacher the answers are

A-tanjung tuan lighthouse
C-Maritime museum
D-sultanate palace
E-Malacca river cruise
F-Proclamation of Independence memorial

from yrs truly raihan-5n

p.s teacher nice song u got there!

Anonymous said...

shaunleekarfei class-5curie
a.Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse
b.A Famosa
c.Maritime Museum
d.Sultanate Palace
e.Malacca River
f. Independence Memorial
g.Canon at A-Famosa

Anonymous said...

Name: Darren Lim Class: JR 5 Nightingale
A)(I do not know..... sorry teacher!!)
B)A Farmosa
C)Maritime Museum
D)Sultanate Palace
E)Melaka River Boat Ride
F)Independence Memorial
G)A Farmosa (Main Fort)

Anonymous said...

a)Kuchai Lighthouse
b)A Famosa
c)Maritime Museum
d)Rumah Minangkabau
e)Malacca River
f)Governor's Residence
g)A Famosa
Leow Li Ann
5 Marie Curie

Anonymous said...

b & g)a farmosa
c)maritime museum
i only can find a few in google.
amanda 5 curie.... anonymous

nikki liz francis said...

Picture A = Melaka Historical Tower
Picture B = Kota A Famosa
Picture C = Maritime Museum
Picture D = Replika Istana Melaka
Picture E = Melaka River
Picture F = Memorial Perisytiharan Kemerdekaan
Picture G = Kota A Famosa

from Nikki Liz Francis
5 Marie Curie

Anonymous said...

Emylyn 5Nightingale
a Cape Mercado
B Kota A'Famosa
c Floor De La Mar
d Istana Melaka
e Sungai Melaka
f Memorial Perisytiharan Kemerdekaan
g Kota A'Famosa

Anonymous said...

Annie Tang 5 Nightingale
a Cape Mercado
b Kota A'Famosa
c Flor De La Mar
d Istana Melaka
e Sungai Melaka
f Memorial Perisytiharan Kemerdekaan
g Kota A'Famosa

QA's ~ mamapapa said...

ok,students...congratulations..u've done a very good here i listed down all the answers,:)

a)Cape Rachado Lighthouse @ Tanjung Tuan Lighthouse
b)Kota A'Famosa @ Porta De Santiago
c)Kapal Portugis di Bandar Melaka @ Flor De La Mar @ Maritime Museum
d)Melaka Sultanate Palace
e)Sungai Melaka
f)Merdeka Obelix @ Memorial Perisytiharan Kemerdekaan @ independance memorial @ Proclamation-of-independance Memorial
g)Kota A'Famosa

TQ :)