~:: JoM SaMa2 KiTa ::~

~Jom KLiK Cni ~

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~:: JoGeT MaLaYsiA : P RamLee AnD SalOma ::~

we are going to have our MERDEKA CELEBRATION on next week's friday

i am currently training few of my students to sing this song on that day

so,here you go my dearie singers HaRISHWA RAM and MARYAM :)

enjoy watching and practicing this song :)


Anonymous said...

Teacher!!! Omg her voice is so high! I might even think that I can't memorize the lyrics in time but I will try teacher (:

- Soeraya(:

QA's ~ mamapapa said...

soeraya...dont give up b4 u try,k..i know u can:))