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Sunday, June 5, 2011

~:: JuNiOR CaMpOrI 2011@ KeM nUr LaMAn BeStaRi :: ~

on 20th May 2011, this junior campori was held in this lovely place..KEM NUR LAMAN BESTARI,ULU YAM.
after all the effort and paperwork, this camp finally took place and it was full of beneficial yet very interesting activities:)
so, this is the place where we had the camp :) actually,this picture was taken on the 2nd day..

this was the camp site..this picture was taken after all the tents were up...the effort by the campers and also the teachers
it was altogether 25 tents
this was the 1st activity done right after we reached the camp. the campers had to build up their own twin tower using only old newspapers and muskin tape.

there were lots of other fun and challenging activities. unfortunately, i couldnt take lot of pictures..i was so careless that i forgot to bring my camera charger..:(

we basically had moonlight sonata AKA nightwalk..LOL!!!it was so much fun and full of thrill.
some of us even got the chance to get to know leeches!LOL!!
before the nightwalk, we had group performances and it was so much fun .
there was a camper who danced in  very funny way and we came out with NIGEL DANCE just because of nigel's weird dance:)
and then,on the 2nd day,we had marching,basic camping and obstacles.


ok,this is my lovely family and the family of one of my very good friend,kak sharipah
yes, my adorable daughter EECHAA was sliding with her papa.there was only a little bit of water
in the pool so no worries at all

LOL!!!!my CUTIE QUE was so excited to be in the water....this was his very 1st fact the water was so cold :)

by the way,we found that this place is a very nice place to spend for leisure..and we will come back..that's definite..:)


Jemina Yong said...

I love it...<3

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