~:: JoM SaMa2 KiTa ::~

~Jom KLiK Cni ~

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

~:: In-HouSE TraIninG ::~

 myself...setting-up the projector...

alhamdulillah...the in-house training that was conducted by me was successfully over :))
soo..the beautiful butterflies in my stomach have flown away HAPPILY...kehkehkeh!!!
i considered it successful sbab my colleagues seemed to be able to respond dengan 'bermakna' and i was also able to handle the inquiries...and they understood...kira okla tukn :)
 oppsss...yg duk kt back SEAT tu my friend's daughter ye..that's why she didn't face the board ...
 okay,ollsss...hari ni my parents will be arriving from k.lipis..cant wait,,:))
till we meet again..take care :))


izla said...

ngajar ape tuh?

KhaiRin : anies said...

makin mantop la lps ni