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Sunday, January 1, 2012

~:: 2012 : nEw YeAr NeW PlacE ::~

yessss!!!alhamdulillah..i finally managed to get a job in a place that i've been dreamt for all these years ...syukur sangat2 coz to be frank mmg perjalanan mendapatkn position kt my new employer was not so easy..but so saying that it's meant to be was so unpredictably smooth..terima kasih Allah :))

  dengan berat hati..BYE2 BSI...wutever happened in was still so precious...can never b replaced....and of course i am gonna miss everybody in BSI so badly..:'(

and now i am wholeheartedly surrendering myself to be a part of SAPURA family....alhamdulillah..may things go amazingly colorful ..amiiinnnn:))

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