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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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this entry is specially conveyed to all parents out there, 

i believe that each & evry1 of us would want always the best for our childrenkn..but i think there's 1 thing yg kita semua kna bear in mind....YANG PALING MAHAL ATAU MAHAL TAK SEMESTINYA YANG TERBAIK ....

just nk share 1 contoh kt lepas2 ni bolehla pita semua jadikn panduan ye,kengkawan :)

These are crotch danglers. They are NOT good for your baby's hips or spine.

The baby Bjorn carrier and the Snugli both have tiny middles for baby to balance on.

The next carriers are fine for you little ones. The feature knee to knee support perfect for baby's hips and spine.

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