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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~:: DiNNer :: BubbA GumP ShRimP Co At The CurVe ::~

hri ni just nak share what we had for dinner last nite :))
kebetulan mr papapapito is still on his off days till today :D
so we grabbed d chance to have special dinner sketla..since my 2 lil ones love to have FRENCH FRIES...if possible all the we hunted for a place which serves great tasted western there we were :))

above was pic of the famous BubbaGump Blue Frozen Lemon Ups...rasanya pretty ok...masam pun takla masam sangat..acceptablela kata orang..but for Que we ordered mango juice yg had a very slight sourness coz Que sangat2 tak suka benda2 masam..bagus jgkkn coz bnda2 masam are not advisable for memory span :)) 

then kt bawah ..our main meals yg mula2 sampai... 
Mama's Southern Fried Chicken and Sweet Home BBQ burger..

above pun pics of our meals..there was little bit delayed of we ended up makan skit tapi yg lebih menapau je ..dh super full!!kt dlm pic tu ada the Shrimper's Heaven and Chocolate Chip Cookies Sundae but to tell u ollssss,....sesuaila ngan namanya kan...mmg signature mealsnya yg u ollsss nampak udang banyak2 tukan..slurpppppp!!!MARVELOUS!!!!
it's called Bucket of Boat Trash...kehkehkeh!!!no joke..mmg bukan trash okay!!
so,as for me...this is one of the most recommendedla :))
i'm not good in describing food but still what i can say mmg sedapppp and it really stimulated my taste buds,kehkehkeh!!!

btw...before we had our dinner..inila keje my 2 lil usual kn...kenala layankn dorang main2 dull..then they would be at their best behavior in dinner time,ngeheheh!!!

overall....this eatery actually more or less macam TGI Fridays..
dah lama jugak tak ke sana coz masa peknenkn Eechaa i started to stop pegi makan kt sna gara2 muntah teruk lepas makan it's seafood platter :((

malam ni belum decide nak dine in kt mane...since mr papapapito still cutikan...jeles betull!!!!

take care,ollssss :))


eynda said...

Rindunya nak makan kat bubba gump...

wawa syaida said...

sedapny...makan2 ngan family...kecur liur tengok ais krim tu...yummy yummy