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Sunday, April 15, 2012

~:: FLamIng StEAmBoaT BuffEt, SunWay ::~

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hri ni nak share pasal our dinner on Friday nite :)

after few times of postponement we finally grabbed d chance to have our dinner here :


week after week trpksa cancel sbb slalu je ada hal last minute :(

apepun,we were oll very happy ..akhirnya niat saya nk celebrate mr papapapito's bday kt cni tercapai jugak...

as all 6 of us mmg pencinta seafood so mmg sgt2 worth spending here :)
ngeheheh!!tambah2 plak bila saya yg sponsor mmg sy akan pilih nk makan yg saya & mr papapapito suka..bonus nya ..tmpat mcm ni semua org pn suka :)

actually dh lama sangat tak datang cni...the last time we came was end of 2010...kihkihkih!!

okayla ..enough of the intro..jom layankan gambor2 we ollsss kt sna :))

gelagat my 2 lil fairies stucked in d jam...
Que xhabis2 usik kakak :D

dh terteleng2 dh dua2...excited tgk papa pilihkn food :D

 soure : google

pergghhh!!!varieties of choices ! a very wide range of seafood buffet  :)) 


perut pun dh we ollss departed our journey home happily 3hrs later,ngeheheh!!

okayla,pen - off here..take care :))

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