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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

~:: SayOuNarA 2013, AhLan WaSahLan 2014::~

2013 has officially left it as sparkly as the fireworks that can be seen tonight...or as gloomy as the dark skies and clouds that we had few weeks ago...we are all eventually moved we are going to keep moving on..inshaaAllah...thanking Allah for all the blessings..the precious moments we'd been through with our 2 lil fairies....and we still hope for the merrier ones to happen again and again throughout the whole upcoming 2014,...with of course another fairy coming.....amin :)))....

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Ira said...

Happy new year k.imi.. Smga tahun 2014 ini dilalui dgn kegembiraan, lebih2 lagi dgn kehadiran baby baru nnt.. :)