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~Jom KLiK Cni ~

Friday, October 12, 2012

~:: BEaUtY & ThE BeAsT::~

hari ni hari terakhir for year end exam kt our school...
so everybody's focus started to divert back to our grand production of year 2012 : The Beauty & The Beast :)

belum pernah share ngan u ollssskn..
the preparation actually has taken place gradually sepanjang tahun ni but now of course is the most crucial partla...since the play will be on next week's weekend :)
semua orang pn busy helping with costumes,props,accessories..

and myself..tak taulah kenapa since kt previous school pn i was in-charge of choreographing ataupun to be exact...train the dancers..
masih ingat lagi entry the thai dance last year?
untuk tahun ni plak partner & I are to take charge ajar my students menari dengan lagu ni :)
Rumor Has It by Adele :)

konon2 nanti outcome nya should be something like this,ngeheheheh!!!!

and yes we are promoting the play :)
hari ni lots of us are wearing this T-Shirt to show our full support ..
insyaAllah hope everything will go smoothly,amiiiinnnn :))