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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~:: CoRat-CoReT TuPPerWArE SepTEmbER 2012 ::~

i am still in the progress of cleaning up all sampah2 dalam my draft box,uhuhuhu!!!
btw ini semau tupperware orders from my beloved customers utk last month,...
alhamdulillah..reaeki anak2 :)

and i am so lucky that i have a couple of very dedicated & efficient staffs ye,ahahahah!!!

okay,stock check was in progress,ahahah!!

alhamdulillah...tak susah buat biznes tuppies ni...prinsip saya guna & share..insyaAllah...coz like i always say...the product is selling themselves..we don't have to explain & convince customers lebih2...
above tu gambor starter pack,ye..
investing RM70 utk dpt brg2 tu & insyaAllah a great biznes for ur lifetime?
kenapa being hesitant???


kindly pls leave comments or email me at 
SMS me at 60132007409 IMI
for further details and best PRICE :D