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Thursday, October 25, 2012

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still ingat entry sy yg  school play ni?
ahahahha!!! entry title kali ni mmg tak menahankn?kihkihkih!!!

pic above tu gambor a few of the dancers trained  by my partner & I...
liputan pasal ni dh pun keluar dl News Straits Time...

quoted lebih kurang mcm nila :)

The two-day production, performed by two separate casts involving about 270 pupils, was sheer mesmerising musical theatre.
APSS principal, Muhammad Putera Hamzah, said this was the second year the school had organised such a project for the pupils.
"Last year, we had a dual production -- Twice Upon A Time and Zork and Zindy -- which received overwhelming response and support," he said.
"The pupils started to work on the musical theatre right after they finished their final exams."
Putera said the project kept the pupils occupied, providing them with valuable exposure as well as allowing them to acquire new skills.
"Besides building confidence levels, we are also trying to nurture the pupils' talents and enhance their public speaking and dramatic skills," he said.
The show's director and coordinator, Azlinda Adnan, said the pupils rehearsed for three weeks, over four days each week.
The production, which comprised two acts lasting 45 minutes each, was sponsored by corporations as well as parents.
Twenty per cent of the proceeds from the show's tickets, priced at RM50 and RM80, will be going to charity.
Azlinda was impressed by the enthusiasm shown by the cast members and their parents.
"There was so much passion displayed by the cast, while the parents have also been really supportive of the project," she said.
The main character of Belle, the "beauty" of the title, was played by 12-year-old Manisha Rose Daram Rajah, who said she had always wanted to be the lead in a musical play.

"I have 12 numbers to sing, and I am glad that I managed to pull that off," she said.
The play's antagonist character Gaston, played by Thaqif Aris Johan Aris, said that while playing the role, he managed to discover something new about himself.
"I am by nature a shy and soft-spoken person, so playing this part helped to reveal my abilities," he said.
Prince Adam was played by Muhamad Daniel Darryn Hasting, who also enjoyed his new experience.
"I only recently transferred to this school and I have never been involved in anything like this back in my previous school," said Daniel.
Besides the main cast, the musical also involved a supporting cast of dancers and a choir.
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