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Sunday, May 19, 2013

~:: CaNneD FooDs DRIvE : ThE ToWeR PrOjEcT::~


ape bikin hari ni??eheheh!!
saya kejap lagi inshaaAllah nk ke Rawang....deliver tuppies then akan ke shah alam jugak utk a grand event of tupperware:))))
cant wait :)))))

apepun,a quick share on what's gonna happen in school next week.

since exam is we olllsss especially teachers of Science Department akan continue on our next projek which is another campaign on can food drive ..tapi kali ni our aim is to buat tower out of the canned foods,kihkihkih!!!

excited ni!!!

still remember cerita saya yg ni?

projek kali ni kira kesinambungannyala...we are going to work with people from The Mercy Malaysia:))

pics dlm entry ni are all pics on the other day masa En Zuhri from The Mercy Malaysia dtg collect our canned foods donation and also dia ada bg talk skitla :)

atas skali tadi tu his pic la :)

my immediate boss, my HOD...presenting her slideshow:)))

the token given by the Mercy to all the teachers:)

students & teachers of the Go Green Club :)
 The choir team :)

 the official ceremony of handing over the canned foods donation :))

okay ye olllssss....
till we meet again,take care :)

have a great weekend ahead :))

Yours Truly


dak-eiza said...

wah bizi wiken dia..
tower can food? wow menarik lahh
x sabau nk nengok

♥ Cmª shIemª ♥ said...

Salam K.Immi..

Tahniah buat School akak sbb join campaign2 mcm ni..
memelihara, memulihara & berbakti kpd badan2 amal :)

ummuaidan said...

bagusnya ade campaign cam nie..dptlah didik anak2 cintakan alam sekitar kan..