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Thursday, December 6, 2012

~:: HaRDWaRE CaFE & REsTAuRanT, SpaCE U8 ::~

in the pic above is my sis :)
by looking at the pic..can u olllsss guess where we actually were?
at someone's house?
it looks like itkn?
well,we were actually in a restaurant cafe named HARDWARE CAFE & RESTAURANT :))

dia punya deco, dining spaces mmg very comfy, and extra ordinary...
kt dalam gambor tu was the place where we were ushered to just after we asked for a baby chair :)
one of the waitress suggested that we were all be seated kt a corner with small play land for our 2 lil fairies..
hence, inila tempatnya...
mmg selesa & rasa macam at home :)

Que tengah conquer sorang2 mini playland or corner tu :)

ini satu lagi ruang makan yg tak kurang comfynya :)
ada all sorts of varieties of food yg boleh dipilih...
most of the courses' are named after tools names..dh nama pun hardware cafekan,eheheh!!
very unique & tersendirikn?

ini dia punya standard dining hall
and each table that leans against the wall is attached with a sony tablet:)

tengok tu olllsss...nama drinks pun combined with tools' names :)

masa we olllsss sampai kt restoren tu..bru we olllsss noticed that Eechaa had fallen asleep...
hrmmmm....besides the good meals served..sedikit kurang ceria tanpa celoteh2 bernas Eechaa..eheheh!!!

she was sleeping so soundly .....

antara the meals that we had ..

layankan sikit gelagat all of us over there :)

oh,ye!forgot to mention when we actually went there...
masih ingat tak cerita our APSS staff retreat about a fortnight ago?
we reached KL Ahad malamkn?
malam tu jgk we ollsss sempat lari ke Space U8 to grab a chance memperabihkan duit...
the next day evening sekali lagi we went there to buy few other things yg we gave a second thought and & decided to purchase jgk...
haaa...Isnin malam tula yg we ollssss singgah makan kt HARDWARE CAFE, Space U8 ni :)

my lallllingsss waktu misi menghabiskan duit sblum proceed ke misi mengisi perut :)

till we meet again...take care ye,semua :)

meet my 2 beloved gentlemen,ahahaah!!!


Anum said...

sempat lagi kan sis

♥ Cmª shIemª ♥ said...

ni baru btl komen..
wow.. unik!