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Monday, November 19, 2012

~:: My TuPpErwArE : AlL The WAy To UK ::~

this is what we call zero boundaries in our world nowadays...
alhamdulillah ...i am so grateful that Allah has heard my prayers and made it into a reality..and it is such a great honour to be dealing with a very tolerate tuppies customer from UK :)

dear Ms Yasmin,
if you ever happened to visit this blog again, i am humbly thanking you for giving me an opportunity to have a business deal with you :)
i really hope that this parcel will be safely handed to you on time :)
also please don't be hesitate to come back and order some more  tuppies next time :)
i would love to deal with you again and again.
by the way, as i promised.. i've kept a set of rainbow canister for you. will be mailed to you once you've reached UK from your holidays :)

many thanks from me n family :)

footnote :
syukur's such a good stepping stone utk my tuppies biznes...for the very 1st time saya postkan orders ke UK..sbelum ni paling jauh cuma Singapore & Indonesia tapi tak post pun,cuma kirim by hand melalui their relatives in Malaysia :)
bukan niat nak brmegah..tapi nak share ngan u olllsss..that there is nothing impossible if we are always willing to work smart & pray hard to achieve our goals ...
tak perlu ragu2 if u ollss ever2 trpikir utk join this biznes coz seriously jual tupperware mmg tak susah , insyaALLAH :)


Anum said...

jauh datang tue

pinky said...

jauh betul datangnya....nmpk warna cun2 ....i like this colour....=)