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Thursday, November 22, 2012

~:: SmArT BoaRD TraIniNG::~

hari ni dalam saya di hambat time constrain..dalam proses packing stuff utk ke team building or APSS staffs call it staff retreat...akan jugak saya cuba my level best utk tetap kunjung mengunjung ngan u ollsss,ye :)

just a quick sharing on a training we attended hari Isnin baru ni,..
as i mentioned what u olllss pn sedia maklum , on that day the results of UPSR were released:)

just before the announcement took place...all teachers attended a smart board training...
walaupun we did attend this training every year dari few years back..we still found it beneficial since smart board ni sentiasa upgraded and it is shared all over the world..
pada u ollsss yg tak tau ape benda smart board ni boleh try tgk kt video above.

in this school, teachers memang slalu guna smart board ni in our teaching and it is amazingly effective :)

sedikit sedutan on suasana waktu my boss giving out the UPSR results and certs to our beloved UPSR candidates :)

syukur alhamdulillah,overall we had a very surprising increment in students who got straight A's and 
for Science subjects we olllss achieved 100% of peningkatan :)
alhamdulillah,sangat2 :)

klau u ollss ever interested nak tau the details of the analysis , bolehla jenguk ke our website :)

dear my beloved Batrisyia, Shadi & Lyana :)
please don't be sad...u have tried ur best :)
after's not the end of everything :)
i still love u olllss as much as i did before :)
keep trying,don't ever give up :)


Anum said...


ummuaidan said...

bagus training mcm nie..berguna sesangat..

pinky said...

mcm best jer g training...kikikhkihkih...

IntaNBerliaN said...

nmpk mcm best la plak..